Muscle Injury Treatment

Here's How to Heal:

In order to get your injured muscles fully healed as fast and effectively as possible, you need to treat the injury. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories DO NOT help you heal and can even make the healing process longer, and having surgery will mean long-term consequences and prevent full recovery. Instead, you need to alleviate the swelling and discomfort, then promote bloodflow to the area to heal the injury.

It's recommended you use ColdCure® and BFST® (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™) wraps. Both are high quality medical devices that set the industry standard for injury treatment.

Here's what you need to do:

BFST® Repairs the Tissue

Using advanced technology, Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ (BFST®) medical devices promote increased circulation, accelerating the healing process to the next level. Blood flow is crucial to fast tissue repair! Use BFST® to heal the tissue after your swelling.

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ColdCure® Treats the Pain

ColdCure® cold packs relieve pain and reduce inflammation after your injury. These wraps can hold the cold longer than other cold wraps using RigiGel® technology which also distributes cold evenly over the injured area. Cold is much safer than ice, which is too cold and can burn skin.

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Certified Medical Devices

ColdCure® and BFST® Wraps are FDA registered, and are certified safe medical treatments for pulled or torn muscles. You can rest easy knowing you are using only professional treatment to heal your injury.

The Ultimate Solution

Recovery can be easy if you use the right treatment. Simply follow these steps to get you and your injury on the road to fast recovery.

Step One: Reduce the Swelling

To reduce the inflammation or pain following a muscle injury, use a ColdCure® wrap for the best post-injury treatment. Before you can start healing, you need to make sure the swelling is gone. ColdCure® wraps, unlike other gels, hold their shape and spread the cold out evenly over the damaged muscle tissue. Cold is better than using ice, which burns the skin and is uncomfortable to wear. ColdCure® wraps are stored in the fridge and keep that cold in longer than other wraps, so you can wear it without switching out gels as often.

Step Two: Heal the Tissue

In order to heal quickly, you need to take action to accelerate the healing process. One of the best ways to do this is to improve your circulation. Better blood flow means that your body can deliver oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the injured muscles, for the fastest treatment. A Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ (BFST®) Wrap offer the best solution, as it penetrates deep under the skin to the damaged tissue.

REMEMBER: If you are still experiencing swelling, you need to reduce the inflammation before using BFST® to heal the tissue. Using heat or BFST® before the swelling in your muscles has gone down will only make your injury worse. Do not combine cold and hot treatments at the same time.


Comfortable High Quality Wraps

Both wraps uphold a high standard of comfort. Each is made of soft, high quality Neoprene and crafted specifically for soft muscle tissue injuries. These devices are shaped with your injury in mind. The ColdCure® gel itself is no ordinary design. It is made to surround the entire injured area, enveloping it with the pain relieving power of RigiGel®. The BFST's® patented Energy Web® is also designed to provide coverage across the whole injury, and improves circulation throughout the area.

These wraps work great for:

For more a more in-depth explanation of the functions of these wraps, we recommend browsing the ColdCure® and BFST® website.

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tfcc partial tear right wrist

Hello Kingbrand community!

I have a partial tfcc tear (meniscus homologue) in my right wrist--for going on 4-5 months now--been bracing with wrist widget for last 9 weeks with good results--although pain is definitely still there (not as bad as before). Have you guys had any success with wearing this BFST wrist wrap to reduce/eliminate pain while TFCC is healing--it feels ok as long as I'm doing very little, slowly--but the moment I start moving faster it acts up--and just wondering any experiences with this condition using the BFST--or what others thoughts are on the possibility of reducing/eliminating the pain with this product?--whats the time frame from the time i start using it to when i can start seeing some improvements? seems worth a shot--
any suggestions?


Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


Thank you so much in your interest in King Brand. By using the BFST product for your TFCC, it will promote and accelerate your healing process with regular use.  We always recommend treating with cold therapy to get and keep inflammation down to enable the blood to flow through more freely.  By keeping the inflammation down and using the BFST to stimulate nutrient rich blood flow through the affected area, you will see much quicker results compared to doing nothing.  Try to rest as much as possible and use more cold on the days it acts up.
It is hard to give you an idea on time frame for healing as there are so many variables.  It depends on how severe it is, your day to day activity as well as your commitment to the treatment.  With regular use you will see improvement and results within a couple weeks.  You will not be 100% healed, but you will more than confident you are on the right track.

For so many people it is worth a shot to use these products as we have seem great success for a variety of ailments and injuries.

We wish you all the best and please let us know if you have any further questions.  I have also included a link to more information on TFCC injuries and treatment. ;

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


thanks for your response--you mention in a couple weeks with proper use of BFST I will be on the right track to healing--my question I guess is-- should I also continue splinting with the Wrist Widget in between BFST treatments, or will that cut down blood flow? Mabe i'll just wear it a little looser as the splinting has been helping the healing process so far--anyways what is your professional recommendation?


Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Wearing braces definitely help throughout the healing process and I would recommend still using them as long as they are not tight enough to restrict any blood flow.  The purpose of the brace would be to help prevent over straining and re-injuring. You do not want to compress the wrist at all, you want to keep optimal blood flow through the area.

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


sounds good--will do--also wanted to ask--I started prolotherapy about 2 weeks ago as I'm trying to eliminate the pain hopefully soon--do you think it's ok to use the BFST in conjunction with the prolo? I will be going in for my 2nd round of prolo in approx 2 weeks

thanks again

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

BFST will not interfere with the prolotherapy.  However, after this I would assume you would need to use cold therapy to get the inflammation down after any injections.  Talk with your physical therapist regarding the time expectation after a treatment before you start stimulating the blood flow again.  I would assume at least 48-72 hours.

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

I assumed the same, except for prolo--the DR told me to not ice it--let the initial healing phase take place then use heat and fish oil--I have to ask him tough if i tweak it or anything after the first 72 hours I should be able to use the ice--I'd assume so--but with this injury--its tough

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

just a quick update: going in for 3rd appt with PT today---hopefully this gets better soon-been using bfst everyday for the last 2 weeks-4 times a day and it feels better when in the brace, but not getting too much better overall--maybe I'll try a little more ice from here on out--trying to minimize the ice as doc says it's no good for the prolotherapy--I'm hoping only 1 more prolo shot (that would make it 3 shots overall) and then probably discontinuing that treatment and going with ice and bfst the rest of the way--for what its worth the doc did mention my tear was healing up a bit from 1st appt to 2nd appt--where I first began using BFST

The PT has made me stronger and lessened some pain, but there is still pain left--hopefully I can get to pain free soon

get better soon everybody!

you are in my prayers--please pray for me too.

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Thank you for the update.  We always like hearing the progress of our customers.
Good luck going forward!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Wanted to note that I am trending upward and I do believe the BFST brace to be of help, especially after PT--where it definitely calms the area down, and i do feel better overall since using it, just still have good days and bad days.

Thanks KB community!
Get well soon everybody!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

UPDATE: 2016 new year, new wrist???--thanks to King Brand, my (significant)partial TFCC tear is still not 100% but after 3-4 months of the BFST wrist brace 3-4 times a day, I'm inching closer, feel much better now--this BFST wrist wrap for sure works!!

last time I went to the doctor he said I was making "profound" progress with the injury and could see healing on the sonogram--that was 2 months ago, and I feel much better now. Not done yet but hopefully with another couple months treatment, this nasty injury will be truly behind me.

Thank You KB for a life changing product--I shoveled 2+ feet of snow last weekend and felt pretty good. Only thing my left forearm now is very sore as well nothing major, but it doesn't feel great--guess I'll use BFST for this injury too now!

I was skeptical, but seeing the progress I've made, I'm now hopeful and thankful!

Thanks Again KB
Feel better everybody!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Also don't underestimate the power of physical therapy, as that stretching and strengthening has been a huge help as well. Also taking fish oil, 3in 1 Gluc chond msm, turmeric, vitamin C. All this in combination with the BFST wrist wrap has been great--Have NOT taken an OTC anti inflammatory drug. Used ice sparingly (mainly after PT) as ice and anti inflammatories (for long term injuries, ice is still good for injuries that just happened) interfere with your body's normal healing process. Also self massage and keep the faith. KB has showed me we can heal ourselves! (with the right tools)

Best of health to all in 2016!
Thanks KB!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you so much tlinares for sharing your progress and updates with us!! We love hearing about our customer's progress and any feedback given.

So that other customers can benefit from your experience, we would love the chance to use your comments, for use on either our website or within other promotional and advertising materials. Please be advised that this is completely optional and it will be your name and state only that would be included with your review. All other personal information will be kept confidential. Can we share your results?

Kindest regards,

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

I have a question--over the last few weeks I've noticed that there is a plastic piece inside the BFST wrist wrap and when I wrap it around my wrist it touches the area that's injured and oftentimes as it rubs against my tfcc area it is painful--Lately I've been trying to wrap at an angle to avoid having the little plastic piece rub right against the most painful part of my injury--Is there another way around this? and what is that littles plastic piece--can it be taken out? I'm assuming no

despite all this I've definitely seen improvement---just want to maximize it as there is still def pain


Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


I am not sure what you mean by a small plastic piece but I do know you should not be removing anything from the energy web.  All internal pieces of the web have a purpose and probably would not work if tampered with and would also void your 1 year warranty.
My only suggestion would be to try to manoeuvre the wrap and wear it in a different way to not have that piece over your injury.  The BFST stimulates the blood flow through that surrounding area so, if it is slightly off the injured spot it should still be beneficial.
Best of luck. Let us know if any further questions.

Kind Regards

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

"I am not sure what you mean by a small plastic piece"
Ashley about 3-3.5 inches down the energy web in the BFST wrist wrap, there is a 1/2 inch hard piece right in the center of the energy web. I can't see it as it's inside the energy web but I'm assuming it's plastic and it's uncomfortable. For the longest time I just assumed it hurt because my wrist still hurt but now as it gets better I'm noticing the pain inside the glove more and more and was just trying to nail it down--when I realized there is a hard piece of something--right in the center of the energy web

was hoping there was maybe a solution--guess not

I'll continue wrapping it at an angle which helps a bit--it's a bummer though because this thing is literally right over the part of my wrist that hurts the most-- :'(

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Hi Tony,

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the technology within the Energy Web, but I would recommend using the wrap directly around the wrist/tfcc area instead of up around the thumb. This will make it so you can move it around the wrist in any way it feels comfortable. Kind of like a cuff. I have included a link below that shows ways to use the wrap (mid page).

Kind regards,

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

ok sounds like a good idea i'll give it a try


Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

ok cinco de mayo time peeps!! Just came back from physiotherapist (medical doctor specializing in rehab)

he did the sonogram, told me my TFCC is basically healed, the little bit of pain I'm still feeling he attributes to the new tissue remodeling-- (I had according to him about 3 tears that all healed)that may still take another 6 months or so to mature--anyways still no bowling or regular push ups (I stink at bowling anyways) and I can do push ups on push up bars, or  barbells instead of on my hands--so no big deal there. Of course this is all precautionary--Could probably get away with it but why risk it? Anyways a rather intense regimen of Kingbrand BFST wrist wrap, physical therapy, and careful upper body workouts with less weight have all contributed to my healing. Also vtamin C, Glucosamine chondroitin, msm (3 in 1 supplement) and fish oil have helped me out as well.

Hopefully I can be 100% real soon, but as of now I'm close enough to do pretty much everything I was doing pre-injury with only mild discomfort.

Thanks KB, hopefully some people can benefit from my experience a bit--I will continue to use Kingbrand BFST until I feel no pain, and probably for a couple months after that at least--getting close--can't wait!

Believe in yourself people, great things DO happen when you believe, NEVER STOP FIGHTING!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

That is excellent news!!!!

I love that your physiotherapist recognized that healing takes time to "mature"!

I am including a link with info on that topic for everyone else following your journey:

Good luck in the future and thank you so much for the updates  :)

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Just thought I'd give everyone an update--it seems like this thread gets a decent amount of views, so that means there are others in a similar ( I hope better predicament) than me----Still have not had surgery nor do I plan to. To be honest for the last 3 months or so I have stopped using BFST as my doc had informed me the ligament has basically healed and waiting on maturation of the tissue.--So the last 3 months I've been doing a lot more bracing with the wrist widget--and now my wrist is definitely better but still not 100% I thought the bracing would be the final straw for me as it would help the newly healed tissue to mature by decreasing the stress placed on it. Anyways I'm better but not all the way back. Right now there is a pain on the bottom of my wrist (ulnar side) not a stabbing or throbbing, but like a gravelly kinda weirdness that will disappear for a few days and then come back for like 2 days then the cycle kinda repeats but never quite the same.

Anyways just thought I'd give an update--some days I feel 95% some days 75% but mostly in between somewhere. Stay positive get an ultrasound by a physical rehab doc (usually sports Ortho) and do your bfst treatments. Also the bracing has helped and i feel like I should begin to switch off and do like 3 more months of bracing then go back to 3 months of bfst treatments with bracing at night only.

Anyways the combination of these treatmnets plus physical therapy has greatly improved my condition and I can go through my everyday with some minor pain--which is def an improvement. stay positive all it gets better!
Best wishes for a great 2017!

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Great to hear Tony.  Thanks for following up.

Al the best.

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Is it possible to send a picture of the 'plastic' piece to our CS group?  That may help us identify the problem part and recommend a solution.

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


This thread got over 10,000 views wow--good we are helping people---OK I'm pretty much good to go now the pain has subsided for the most part most days--everything looks and feels a lot better now my wrist is finally healed! (well mostly). Thanks to Kingbrand for a wonderful product and I will say that over the course of the last few months I have been using mainly just the wrist widget but instead of wearing it so the ulna styloid is in the middle of the 2 straps I wear the WW down on the wrist a bit so that the top ww strap lines up with the bottom of the ulna styloid (the part closer to the forearm than the hand). This healing though was greatly aided by using the KB wrist wrap 3-4 times a day for quite some time I wanna say 10-12 months. I think looking back I probably could've made faster progress by doing the KB wristwrap treatment first thing in the morning then again at night. While wearing the WW as described above throughout the day (except for bathing) Anyways I feel much better now and am enjoying mostly pain free way of life again--thanks KB!

All my peeps with the TFCC tear--no worries--just get the KB wrist wrap and the wrist widget brace and find a treatment pattern either like what I described or whatever works for you--but you can heal this injury--just gotta be persistent--DOnt give up!

All my best to you


Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist


guys I have been working out with 10 and 20 pound dumbbells every day for the last 3 months or so--I do chest and arms one day and back the next just quick 10-15 minute sessions but everyday--that has helped me greatly as well--I feel the strength coming back and the injury slowly fading away. I wanted to mention this as working out in this manner ( as opposed to targeted wrist PT) has aided in my recovery so much--where the wrist PT was ok but seemed to make things worse on occasion. These general workout sessions have been much better for me than the wrist PT. These workout sessions (in addition to KB and the WW) have provided me with the answer to my painful TFCC tear.

Hope this thread helps someone out there don't give up!

virtual hugs

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Thanks KingBrand for a great product! I'm still feeling good-working out everyday.... I use the wrist bfst wrap to heal quick if I reinjure my wrist--and on top of that I got 2 back bfst wraps one for me and one for mom---for when those aches and pains flare up---your products have helped us heal our injuries..many thanks!
Peeps with the TFCC tear you're in the right place! Be persistent!

tools for success below...
1.) KB BFST (try to do 3 treatments a day if poss. (1st thing in morning, when you get home from work, and at night before bed)
2.) Wrist Widget (during the day while working)
3.) Light exercise (try NOT to target the wrist)--Just focus on getting the muscles surrounding as strong as possible (chest, back, biceps, triceps workouts with lower weight (10-20 lbs))
4.) a drugstore wrist brace that isn't too restrictive for sleeping in...
5.) a positive can-do attitude!

All my Best to you in 2018 and beyond
virtual hugs...

Re: tfcc partial tear right wrist

Evening Tony,

We're thrilled to hear about your success so far! Updates are always appriciated!

Rest is always an important process in healing, so make sure you listen to your body.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you're always welcome to give us a call toll free at 1-844-400-2525.

Wish you all the best in this year and the years to come.

Keep up the great work,


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